So everybody is all about leadership now. Big Projects. Big Names. Lots of money being spent. Lots of people being spent too. But leadership… is no  matter of egos. What makes a leader? Fame? Money? Position? I have been there, several years; no money or fame came out of it. Only a few thoughts:

  1. It is not all about gifts and talents. The gifts and talents will get you noticed and will also get you in trouble. Your same strengths are likely to be your weaknesses. E.g, You may be quite resilient, and likely to be too stuck in your own ways as well. Maybe you are outspoken, but also likely to be talkative as well. You will do well to be conscious of both your strength and weaknesses and have them appropriately channeled or controlled.
  2. Leadership is about having a firm direction under God and being able to give the people a direction. It is not all about doing what people expect and how they expect you to do it. Neither is it about making them do what you want them to do at all cost. What a leader owes his followers is actually direction, not necessarily orders.
  3. Leadership also means being there for people even when they are not able to be there for you. Yes. Leadership is lonely. When they mess up, they come to you for help but when you are in a mess, don’t expect them to know how to deal with it. You are their leader.
  4. Leadership means caring enough for people and about the vision to continue to choose the right path even when it is personally unrewarding or painful and no one would know or notice what you’re doing.
  5. Leadership is walking around not feeling up to it but doing something that needs to be done anyway. You should acknowledge your feelings, but you cannot always express them or act on them. You have to just go on with what needs to be done. This too is the burden of leadership.
  6. Leadership is giving up! Giving up!! Giving up!!! Leadership is sacrifice, not self-gratification. You give up your ‘life’ (your own thing) over and over; for WHO you believe in, for WHAT you believe in.