A gripping story of 4 ordinary yet courageous women, taking a determined journey from bitter experiences to finding themselves.

Four Women

Vera thought marriage would be an escape from embarrassing complications. It turned out she was gravely mistaken. 

Mrs. Fenwa has managed to keep the inhuman treatment she received in the first few years of marriage from poisoning her life until her husband suddenly resurfaces.



Adesola; respectable and devout, it would seem the only problem Adesola could not solve was hers.

Erin; beautiful, glib and gullible, is set to find out that all her definitions of love are wrong. 

These four women teach at the Orange High School but they are to share much more in common as they support one another on the journey to find answers.


The Good Portion

A Sister’s Guide to Intimacy and Rest

Jesus never said, ‘Martha, it is wrong for you to have an excellent spirit and desire to serve.’ Instead he said to her; ‘You are worried and troubled about many things…’

This book is about learning to lose your worries and anxieties about the many things, and finding the only one needful thing. ‘The Lord’s feet’ is not just a place of intimacy with Him, as Mary found, it is also a place of rest; and I think because Mary found that place. She went on to be unrestrained in her lavish love for the Lord, no longer bothered about the angry looks. She went on to have some of the most precious and exceptional experiences with the Lord as recorded. 


This is a book for His handmaidens. The Lord is sending a message to bring them deeper into His secret place of refuge. My prayer for you is that the spirit of prayer will come on you as you read this book, and you will fight for what God has told you about ‘you.’ This book will be a companion for various seasons of your life. You will want to read and re-read, and visit some portions at some times. I pray you will always hear the Holy Spirit, and be strengthened by grace to always choose and rest in ‘Him’ – the lover of your soul.