I have found the best of my day aside devotional time consistently to be the first few minutes I wake up in the morning. As soon as I open my eyes, my husband starts singing to me and I just break into an involuntary smile. He has a new song for each day and he sings in his local language about ‘the beautiful wife.’ I have found that as much as I am not really into looks, I have found his love songs very assuring especially while I was pregnant and sometimes just felt like a ‘toad.’ 🙂

I am not the best of wives possible, I honestly don’t think so. I am not indolent, but I know much more dutiful wives than I. In fact I take a lot for granted to be honest. But my husband’s love does not seem to be ‘rewarding’ my efforts, it just seems that it is there anyway, whatever I am able or unable to do.

As I travelled to work this morning, I was thinking about it, and it got me thinking about God, my heavenly Father. My husband is just a man. He has his limitations, but God’s love is by far and infinitely more superior to the way any man is able to love. As the scriptures say, ‘God is LOVE.’ So I got bold, and began to pray in a certain bold way. There are some things I am believing God for but my prayers have been ‘very weak’ because I didn’t think I was doing well enough to impress God enough to make Him do those things. But guess what? I don’t need to impress my husband to earn a love song in the morning. I don’t have to be all dressed, have cooked a nice meal, or cleaned his shoes or anything. And when he is singing like that, I know I can ask anything in his power to give me – he will bend over backwards no matter how hard. God is infinitely so much more unconditionally loving than that. He sings over you every minute. He is continually delighted in his children. And you can ask anything in faith and be filled with joyful expectation, knowing that you have it because HE has heard you.

This is the only stability you can have in life; the truth that God loves you. You are going to make mistakes. Some of them may tend to be fatal. You are going to be misunderstood and misjudged. Some people you care deeply about will not care to have the same mindset towards you. Some people may withhold forgiveness from you, and sometimes; you may even find it hard to forgive yourself. But if you live in the truth that God loves you unconditionally, then you will know that your sins are forgiven and you are accepted in the beloved because the same love that saved you at the first will save you to the uttermost. This is the foundation; the right you would require in order to just sit down at the Lord’s feet, and enjoy intimacy with Him without being moved into self-righteousness.

Any time my husband sings like that, to tear myself away from him and get ready for work is always a problem. I just want to stay and look at his face till he leaves. I am not a ‘morning’ person, I usually do not have much to say at that time. But I am content to stay close to him. I have begun to discover that knowing and accepting and abiding in God’s love is the foundation of true spiritual intimacy, not my works. Being close to the Lord’s heart is nothing about striving to be seen by others as spiritual. Some may scorn and reject you. But the Lord knows everything about you, and he still cherishes you. It is not about you trying to qualify. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. {Romans 5:8} So we are not striving to be anything. We are only responding in faith to His love. That is all you need to be stable, faithful and spiritual – faith; working by love {Gal 5:6}

I want to encourage you today to set your mind on receiving the revelation of the Father’s love. Let this be your new pursuit. It will bring a certain freshness, newness and life-force into your spiritual experience. I know you have set your mind on ‘doing’ a lot more, and it’s noble but maybe what you need to move forward is to ‘receive.’ Pray with a new found confidence my friend, because the Father loves you – unconditionally. This is no nice cliché, it is the simple truth. Rise up with new found joy, hope and faith because this is the only thing God has against you – NOTHING!