A man of God I respect once said; “Friendship is the greatest spiritual miracle in any relationship; including marriage.” No wonder the scripture says; “A friend loveth at all times…” {Proverbs 17:17}. People who are charismatic or talented one way or other or people with an outgoing temperament tend to have many people around them. But you will realize sooner or later that you do not need many people in your life, just a few genuine ones. We will have different kinds of people in our lives and different relationships for different purposes. We are all still growing and none of us is perfect yet. We all have weaknesses. So if you tend to be one of those who are intolerant of others, who are quick to judge others and who tend to seek a perfect friend or partner, just know that while you are at it {your unrealistic standards} you run the risk of missing out on the greatest miracle of your life. Truth is that some people are having to ‘cope’ with certain things about you too. You may be ‘unknowingly’ proud as of now. Some people tend to be ‘humble’ in such a way that it make others look bad and themselves look good. Maybe you are jealous and insecure, or bitter and unforgiving. We tend to look on others as the ‘bad friends’ while absolving ourselves of responsibility. But we are all work in progress. The more we grow spiritually, the better ‘friend or partner’ we become. On our journey to finding true friends, we must learn to recognize and price the gifts that God sends into our lives. Sometimes we tend to lose great friends and fall into the wrong hands because we have the wrong values. We despise and do not appreciate enough the people who may turn out to be the greatest gifts in our lives because we have more regard for reputation and connection even within the church than spiritual maturity and character. We tend to respect the kind of clothes people wear, the neighbourhood in which they live and the kind of cars they drive more than qualities like intimacy with the Lord, genuine humility, and faithfulness. If you do not deal with lust, it will always lead to compromise and regretful decisions. You will constantly find yourself chasing after users, people who neither value you nor want you and you are going to have your heart constantly broken.

Remember also to show yourself friendly. Moodiness, depression, impatience, low self-esteem, touchiness, rudeness, hot-temper, insecurity, and of course pride are all potential threats to any meaningful relationship or connection. So we need to work on ourselves consistently to be the best for our friends too. The truth is that if it is always all about you, you will never be happy because your happiness will depend on others doing or being the way you want them to be. But if friendship for you is about finding ways to help and bring joy to another person, you will truly be enriched, fulfilled and rewarded in a hundredfold. No human being should ever replace the intimacy you have with the Lord and become an idol; where we think of them as solution to all our problems and we have called them first before we even think of praying. You will never be content until you find completion and wholeness in intimate relationship with the Lord as your best friend.