No one can love who has not experienced the love of God. Doing something from the heart without expecting anything back will be strange. Showing mercy will be strange. Forgiveness will be strange. If HE has ever said to you “Woman {or man} where are your accusers?” {John 8:10} Then you can no longer walk around with a stone of retribution in your hand. You can say to someone “I love you.” and the person can trust in that love because it’s not yours. It’s HIS’ in you; flowing out through a captured heart to others.

I had come to know Jesus as personal Saviour and Lord a couple of years before I began to understand His love for me.  Initially, the fact that He went to the cross and died meant to me that I had to work hard to be good enough for Him. I didn’t realize it meant that He had done all the work that would ever be required of me in this life and the next to be ‘good enough.’

Love saves. Love says when the object of love is falling short; “I love you and I am pleased with you.” then the object of love knows that love is not about what they can or cannot do; it is something deeply divine and prevailing. It is the power of life that conquers death in the heart