Once I wrote a list of everything I wanted in my man. I wrote that He must be this and that way and have so and so. I had heard preachers preach that that is the way we get ‘whatever’ we want from God. So I presented my list and I added; ‘Lord, he must show up this year or at most next year.’ Then the lord asked me a question when I got through my writing; “What are you going to be for him?”

I was amazed at my own selfishness. I realized in that instant that I had no business getting married yet. I was in my early twenties at the time and was in my penultimate year at the university. I could have a degree and a good job in the next one and half to two years and be ready by the world’s standard for marriage. But it would take another four to five years for patience, gentleness, self control; the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit to be fashioned in me.

One day; my pastor called me into his office and began to tell me some things he had received from the Lord about me while praying for me. Among a number of other things; he told me that the Lord said I was now ready to be a wife because he had taught me how to respond in love to people and be kind to and considerate of others. It had been exactly five and a half years since I wrote that list.

It takes over night to fall into ‘chemistry.’ Chemistry is exciting; and I definitely have it with my husband. But when ‘life’ happens to chemistry, it crushes; and life always happens. Let the Lord train you to ‘fall in love.’